Ben & Shona | Montpellier – Tulbagh

This was a surprise fairy tale wedding fit for the finest princess of all. Shona had no idea of what the day ahead had install for her, leaving her best friend, my sister Irma in charge of planning and arranging everything alongside Shona’s fianc√® Ben. All Shona knew was who would give her marriage blessing, that being my dearest father, who the photographer would be as well as choosing her own wedding gown. All the rest was left in the hands of Irma and Ben. Irma and her husband formed the bridal party so this wedding was definitely a family affair. Shona was so over whelmed by the surprises through the course of the day that by the evenings reception it brought her to tears. Tears filled with so much joy, so much happiness and appreciation. To see the look on her face for all that was done, was extremely heart warming. This will be a memory made to last forever for all involved. X

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