Louis & Nicki |Kathrein Wine Estate

This wedding for me personally was a very special wedding in the way that Louis and Nicki found their way to me by the grace of God and chose me to be their wedding photographer. Nicki being a dress maker and involved in the wedding industry herself, had the daunting decision to make along side her groom of whether to have a small intimate wedding inviting only a few guests with a full day of events or a a huge celebration inviting all those close to them. Once again with the Lord working in mysterious ways, they as a couple were blessed in abundance with gifts from friends and relatives to help them plan the wedding of their dreams and unite before God with everyone there to celebrate with them, leaving no one left behind.  This celebration was filled with praise to the one above and thanking the lord for his kindness, grace and mercy and for showering such amazing blessings upon Louis & Nicki. X

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