Brian & Dorea | Gabriëlskloof

Brian and Dorea approached me at first for their engagement shoot about a year ago, which then further led to me photographing their wedding to. It was lovely to see this couple again after a year. I love adding new places to my list of adventures and this wedding took me to Gabriëlskloof in the Overberg for the very first time. Dorea’s dress was an extra special gem having had part of her grandmothers 57 year old wedding dress stitched into hers. Her grandmother is very special and dear to her having played a very important role in her life. The ceremony was filled with very high emotions from both Brain and Dorea, and watching this couple express such raw emotions touched my heart.

A very big thank you to my friend Dewald Kirsten for capturing the pre groom moments, and assisting me through the duration of the day.

2 thoughts on “Brian & Dorea | Gabriëlskloof”

  1. Liewe Liezl – veels geluk!!! Jy het hierdie kosbare, spesiale en WONDERLIKE geleentheid SO mooi vasgevang in jou foto’s! Almal – se harte was so vol vreugde en vrede en dankbaarheid op Dorea en Brian se troue en ek herleef dit in die foto’s! (Natuurlik help dit dat die bruid beeldskoon is!) 10 uit 10!

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